Coco Chanel

So while on my holiday I took upon reading this biography on the fashion icon ‘Coco Chanel ‘. The book wrote by Lisa Chaney is a good, but hard read.


This book allows you to learn about the history of not only Coco herself, but the world she lived in, tribulations she came across and went through in her life that has elevated her success, determination and wisdom.

For anyone who is interested in fashion and the beginnings in some of today’s most highly sort after designers you will love it. Describing how fashions’ came into toe and how Coco Chanel changed the way women dressed but turning them into a modern women creating the desired figure she is today.

Here is a link to Amazon where you can purchase this book – a highly recommended book to  read.

Happy reading, Kate XO


Here is more holiday inspiration for your guys to cast your eyes over!

My latest post was about where I have been finding my inspiration from, as I haven’t been blogging or reading blogs recently.While I am on holiday I have been thinking of what inspires me daily or even sporadically. What makes me strive for more? What aspires me?

For me, personally, this can change daily. One thing that may make me happy, give me hope, inspire one to do well one day may also be different from the next.

However the one thing that is always at the fore front of my mind which gives ambition and desire to create something of myself is my future. Now some of you may wonder, how can the thought of your future aspire you today? For me it is simple, I look at what I want in life and try and find away to get there.

I want a lovely home to share with the one I love, to have a car that is nice and to create a life where money isn’t the bare of all my worries.

This is what inspires me on my early morning starts, late nights of working and comfy Sundays on the sofa typing away. The thought of one day having a future which has been so desperately desired for!
What inspires you as my readers?