Casual Fashion I don’t know about you but I love the pair of ripped jeans and an oversized shirt, there is just something about it. As a massive lover of casual fashion, this is look I personally wear on a regular basis! As well as being a Pinterest fan, I love looking for different styles and looks on there (quite often spending a fortune) and found this look.

  1. Oversized shirt
  2. Ripped jeans
  3. Tanned shoes/bag
  4. Sunglasses

An oversized shirt is a great look for a cloudy summers day (added with ripped jeans) but if you add a bomber jacket and some Chelsea Boots, a perfect look for an Autumns day – winner!

A Womens Fashion Guide – Ripped Jeans and Oversized Shirts

Look One – One of my favourites shops! These ripped jeans have to my favourite item from this look. Loving the colour and cut and the sandals pair perfectly.

Casual Fashion

Oversized Shirt

Look Two – Topshop. The MOTO Oversized Linen Shirt in this look is perfect for the summer and the pockets really do add something to the shirt.

Casual Fashion

The Perfect Pair of Ripped Jeans!

Look Three – from H&M. The colour of the ripped jeans and the army green oversized shirt looks great together and the tanned accessories go perfectly.

Casual Fashion


Which is your favourite look, let Blog Moi know! Lover of ripped jeans and oversized shirts?

Women's Fashion Guide

How To Guide: The Complete Guide for Women’s Fashion


The Complete Guide for Women’s Fashion

We have worked with Rebateszone to create a great infographic on Women’s Fashion. A guide on how to dress to make you feel more confident. Take a look below from more details.

Women’s Fashion:

What is the most important thing when it comes to fashion? Is it the clothes? Is it looking good? Is it looking good for the world or looking good for yourself? Many fashion enthusiasts think that looking good has nothing to do with fashion. But, to them we say the popular phrase: balderdash. We know that this isn’t a phrase, but they don’t have an argument as well. For us, fashion has always meant to look good and be comfortable while doing it. You will have to go out of your comfort zone, but you do not have to fall out of it right now.

So, we hear that ripped jeans are all the rave this spring, after all Gigi Hadid is sporting them. That is one way of thinking about fashion. But, if like us a $1000 pair of jeans with holes the size of your fist does not appeal to you, then we suggest a pair of bottoms from American Eagle. But, humor apart, there are three questions that you need to ask yourself to turn heads in adoration:

  1. What is my body type?
  2. What is the fit that should go with it and will accentuate the natural features?
  3. What color combinations do I like and that would not have me looking like a clown?

What Body Type are you?

But, before you answer these you have to be comfortable with who you are. That can only be achieved if you stop to appreciate yourself. After all, there is a reason that body types are usually named after fruits. All of them are sweet, but unfortunately the media would have all of us look like a coke bottle. So, find out your body type. The next question will require some reading up and experience. Find out your distinguishing features and select the right fit to accentuate them. Color combinations are the relaxed part, as long as you do not look like a clown, unless you want to look like it, then it would be the ideal look.

We have made a detailed infographic to help you out with the aforementioned questions. So, go through it and if you ever want ripped jeans, just rip up an old pair from the closet.

The Complete Guide for Women’s Fashion:
Fashion Guide: 5 Ways to Wear your BeltThe Complete Guide For Women Fashion

Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Blog Moi

Still looking for some inspiration? Take a look at our Fashion Guide: 5 Ways to Wear your Belt!


How to Dress Like a Lady on Ladies Day!

As we all know Ladies Day at the Grand Nationals is one day in the year where you can find some of the best dressed ladies who look simply lovely, and how to but it politely, some of the worst dressed ladies, where with a little guidance they could be rocking the fashion too!

As ever racing royalty and the ‘Queen of Aintree’, Coleen Rooney was dressed to impress. She looked lovely in a thigh fitting lace dress in a coral colour with an off the shoulder neckline, paired with nude shoes and a YSL nude clutch. Coleen looked simply beautiful.


But how can you dress like a lady at ladies day, just like Coleen Rooney? Here are some style guides to make sure you achieve fashion heaven whilst the enjoying races!


We’ve gone all out, girly style! Pink, lace, metallic’s… but how pretty? I love this lace dress from ASOS and paired with some silver heals and the clam clutch (an all time fav!) you’ll be ready to rock the races this year in this fashion ensemble! All these items can be found on ASOS.



The look for Ladies Day at Aintree below is inspired from Topshop. All items can be found on their website. Nudes are definitely in this year and as we’ve seen in the previous days, a popular colour to wear. If you pair it with a dark colour, the contrast will make you stand out from the crowd. I personally love the rose gold heels and to style it up, the glitter clutch to add some girlyness to the look!





Fashion Guide: 5 Ways to Wear your Belt

Belts – there are so many styles and different ways to wear them, where do you even begin? Here is a guide with 5 best ways to wear your belt. 

Wearing a belt these days isn’t so much a necessity but more of a style choice. A way to complete your outfit, to add colour or to show off your shape… whatever the reason,  you want to wear a belt that compliments your outfit and body shape so that you feel confident once you leave your house.

Here are our top ways to wear your belt to suit you outfit and body shape!

High Waisted Belt:

A high waisted belt is perfect to define your waist, especially if you have an hourglass figure as your using the belt to show off your narrow point. If you have short legs, wearing your belt higher will elongate them, making you look taller. See (below) how the belts are placed highly, but at the narrowest point of the body.

Belt 1

Pointer: If your waist is not thinner than the rest of your bust area, you don’t want to highlight it as it may make you look a little a bigger than you are.

Low Waisted Belt:

Low waisted belts are great for defining a structure to your body. Whether you have one or not, you can pull off this style. If you’re short waisted, wearing a low waist belt will elongate your mid too! You’ll notice in the image below that the belts don’t emphasis the narrow points of the body, but work really well with a baggy top and jeans to add structure the look.

Belt 2

Pointer: If you have larger hips, I would avoid wearing a low waist belt as you’re drawing attention to the widest part of your body – look for the narrow point! 

Medium belt:

These can work either as a high waisted belt or low waisted belt. You want something that will add structure to your outfit or show off your figure. You’ll often find these fit well in belt loops on jeanstrousers and shorts. 

Belts 3

Pointer: Medium belts don’t need to be brought with the intent of just being worn as high waisted or low waisted belt. Make sure you find one which is versatile.

Statement Belt:

Statement belts are perfect for transforming a look. They can be any colour but are often fairly large and eye catching. These are perfect for those with an hourglass figure to cinch you in at the waist.

Belt 4

Pointer: For the best result, statement belts need to be worn on the narrowest part of the body as all eyes will be upon it… show off your curves!

‘Add Colour’ Belt:

Sometimes all an outfit needs is a little colour. A belt can do this, whether it be a high waisted belt, a low waisted belt, or a statement belt. As long as your belt is sat on your narrow point or giving you some structure, you can’t go wrong!

Belt 5

Pointer: Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Sometimes we all need to have a little colour in our life!



Hey readers,

For this week’s post I wanted to do something that I think will come in very useful. 5 must haves for your holiday! Not all of them are fashion but as the summer holidays are in full swing it only seemed to fit.

Are any of you off somewhere lovely for a summer holiday? If so then this post maybe be perfect for you! I have my favourite sun cream, a top tip to achieve a tan and the perfect cover up!


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Matalan Summer Fashion, Ladies Fashion, Womens Fashion, Summer Fashion, Ladies Beach Wear, Womens Beach Wear, Ladies Swim Wear, Womens Swim Wearm, Matalan Summer Fashion

Matalan White Loose Knit Kaftan. £6.00. Click here to take a closer look.

Ladies Fashion, Womens Fashion, Topshop Ladies Sunglasses, Topshop Womens Sunglasses, Ladies Fashion, Womens Fashion, Summer Fashion

Topshop Simone Fine Cateye Sunglasses. £16.00. Click here for another look.

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Boots Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer. £8.99. Click here to view.

Summer Fashion Must Haves, Top 5 Teusday, Ladies Sun Cream, Womens Sun Cream, Skin Care,

Riemann P20 Sun Protection. £11.19 Click here to view full details.

So this is my top five for this week and I also wanted to share a top tip with you. Some of you may not agree but it works for me and could work for you. Here is my top tip:

As I am rather pale I burn so easily and before now when on holiday I have suffered with heat rashes as my skin is burning even with sun cream on, so I have been on a little mission trying to find a way to prevent this from happening. On more than one occasion people have suggested sun beds to me, which I kind of turned my nose up to due to all there bad press. However upon research I have found doctors are suggesting to people who have skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis to use sun beds. Following this I have decided to go them once or twice a week for 3-4 minutes for 4 weeks before holiday to allow my skin to get use the rays, preventing burning and a horrid rash appearing. Although I will not use them any other time!

If you could let me know your views that would be lovely! You can comment below.

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